Frequently Asked Questions
Is the CES system also intended for electric cars?

The CES system is not directly intended for electric vehicles.

Is the CES system also designed for classic cars with internal combustion engines, petrol or diesel?

Yes, the CES system is designed for this type of car.

Is the CES system also designed for large deliveries?

Yes if the engine compartment does not exceed 0.5m3.

Is the CES system also designed for vehicles with gas combustion (LPG, CNG)?

Due to the possibility of a subsequent explosion of the escaping gas, the extinguishing system is not recommended.


Can I park a car with the CES fire extinguishing system in the underground garage?

Yes, it is the safest fire extinguishing system because it is low pressure.

Can a new car lose its warranty due to the installation of this fire extinguisher?

This should not happen, because the system does not interfere or affect the car system in any way, it is like your mobile phone charger.

Does the CES system protect the car even when parked?

The CES system is only functional when the engine is running, after driving and switching off the engine, the car is protected until the engine has cooled down safely.


Does the CES system replace mandatory hand fire extinguishers?

The automatic CES system is not yet legally regulated as part of the mandatory equipment of the vehicle.

What is the advantage of this system over a hand fire extinguisher?

The CES system is fully automatic and is located directly in the engine compartment where there is the greatest risk of fire. With a hand fire extinguisher, it is impossible to effectively extinguish an engine part that is on fire.

Can CES damage the engine or other parts of the vehicle when extinguishing it?

CES contains an environmentally safe extinguishing agent that leaves no traces of damage on the equipment.

What is the guarantee of the CES system and what is its lifespan?

The warranty is given without exception from the law for 2 years and the service life is estimated for the entire service life of the car.

Can I install CES in my new car when selling a car?

Yes, that's not a problem.

What does the illuminated LED on the box on the CES power cable mean?

This is a check of the activation of the CES system, if the LED is lit while the engine is running, everything is fine.

If the LED is off and the engine is running, what does that mean?

If the engine is running and the LED is off, something is wrong:

  1. The fuse on the supply to the CES system has blown,
  2. Your car's alternator is defective and the system will recognize it,
  3. Loose battery contact,
  4. The supply line to the CES system is damaged and must be replaced.
When should the correct LED light up?

The LED only lights up after the engine has been started and shortly after it has been switched off.

What is the ideal position of the CES system for installation?

The CES system is installed in the highest part of the engine compartment such as the upper engine cover, it is important to avoid installation near the exhaust pipe and turbocharger due to false start of the automatic fire extinguishing system.