A car caught fire in the highway tunnel near Klimkovice


Only the burnt-out wreck remained from a Renault car, which caught fire on Wednesday afternoon in the tunnel of the D1 motorway near Klimkovice in the Ostrava region. The flames destroyed the car within minutes. Due to the intervention of firefighters, the traffic in the tunnel was closed.

Firefighters learned about the car that caught fire before 15:30. Four people were traveling in the car.

The first to be on site were professional firefighters from Bílovec, who intervened in heavy smoke in breathing equipment. Passengers from the burning Renault were already safe, they were taken away by a patrol of the Police of the Czech Republic", said firefighter spokesman Petr Kůdela, adding that the vehicle was burning in the right tube in the direction from Olomouc to Ostrava.

It ignited about 200 meters before leaving the tunnel. "Firefighters got the fire under control in 11 minutes, and it took them another quarter of an hour to put it out", Kůdela said, adding that a large fan had driven smoke out of the tunnel.

The damage to the destroyed Renault has not yet been quantified, firefighters are investigating whether the fire has damaged the tunnel's equipment. The cause of the fire is being investigated.


Source: novinky.cz